Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pet Expo 2009

GPA-Richmond has launched a new website! Please check it out!
On Saturday, many GPA-Richmond volunteers and greyhounds turned out at the Henrico Humane Society's Pet Expo! It is always a great event for the greyhounds.
We set up tables with all the merchandise.Payday Jumper enjoyed the event even more as his new family picked him up that afternoon!Sammy watches the people and dogs pass by.Callie Kay (available) had a great time at her first event!Throughout the day, everyone wanted to be the princess. Dolly started it off as queen for the moment.Then Smokey wanted a turn
And then it just got weird..Dinah and Cleo take a breakDana, Dinah and Cali show everyone how laid back and lazy greyhounds truly are!
Thanks to everyone who came out to help spread the word about retired racing greyhounds. GPA-Richmond will be planning another haul soon so if you are interested in adoption, please fill out an application soon. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email The next big event is Easter on Parade on April 12 from 1Pm-5PM on Monument Ave. Check out our new events page for more information.

Monday, February 02, 2009

A Bar Kit "Kit"

GPA-Richmond lost a member of our family last week.

A Bar Kit
15 May 2000 - 29 Jan 2009
A tribute from her owner/mother Joyce Miller:
"Kit was my first greyhound. I contacted Gil to ask him if he thought a greyhound could do dog dancing--and he said Kit would be perfect because she was young and playful. When I went to Richmond to pick her up--I couldn't have agreed more!

She did have a great life! I took her on many vacations with me and to a lot of workshops and seminars on dog dancing. She danced at a number of schools, nursing homes, and hospitals. She was one of only a few greyhounds who did dog dancing. She was on TV once; in a couple of parades and was Miss November 2007 in a greyhound rescue calendar. I painted a painting for the front of our Christmas card every year--and she was my model. She lived a very full life and was never bored--maybe she even did more than a lot of people do! I feel very fortunate to have had her as long as I did. She brought so much joy to me. Not just with all these public events where she was an ambassador for greyhounds everywhere--but just walking her on the beach in search of sea glass; or sitting with her quietly on the couch. I will miss her.

I know she is dancing now on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge--waiting for me with Daisy, Willow and Miz Betsy Rose, my other dogs who have passed."

GPA-Richmond's Board of Directors, volunteers and adopters send their deepest sympathies to Joyce and her family.