Thursday, September 29, 2005

More Dogs and the" Dog Flu"....

First, we are excited that we have three hounds arriving Saturday Morning from Melbourne Florida. They will arrive between 2 and 4am. Two of the three have new homes already. Currently we have 2 females in foster and with the male on Saturday, that will make three foster hounds.

Many people have been sending me news articles, emails etc on the "Canine Flu". Friday September 30th on "Greyhounds Make Great Pets", we will have as our guest Dr Brad Fenwick to discuss this important matter. So please tune in to at 2:00 Eastern time to hear it live. Also, I am posting the release that we have received regarding the Canine Flu.

CONTACT: Dr. Brad Fenwick, 540-231-6077;


Blacksburg, VA (September 29, 2005)—An internationally recognized expert on infectious diseases in greyhounds says recent media reports of a canine flu epidemic have “greatly inflated the significance” of the scientific paper on which the reports were based.

Dr. Brad Fenwick, Vice President for Research and Professor of Infectious Disease Pathobiology at Virginia Tech, has specialized in the study of disease in racing greyhounds. In a letter to greyhound tracks and kennel operators, Fenwick said there is no scientific basis for the “hysterical tone” of recent media reports. Fenwick wrote the letter at the request of the American Greyhound Council (AGC), an organization formed by track and kennel operators to promote greyhound health and welfare.

“There is no killer dog flu crisis in greyhound racing,” Fenwick wrote, “or outside it, for that matter.”

The media reports were triggered by a research paper published in the current issue of Science Magazine suggesting that a respiratory disease observed in greyhounds at several tracks since 2004 is closely related to the equine flu virus. The paper also raised the possibility that the canine flu could be transmitted to humans because it had crossed species from horses to dogs.

Contagious respiratory diseases among dogs are nothing new, and Fenwick said this one appears no more serious than common kennel cough. The vast majority of greyhounds exposed to the canine flu recover completely, with many not even requiring treatment, he said. Evidence shows that most of the dogs that become infected with influenza do not show any symptoms. Where rare fatalities have occurred, they have been due to bacterial complications arising from failure to treat soon enough or with the correct antibiotics.

What disturbed him most about the media reports, Fenwick said, was the suggestion that this canine flu could be transmitted from dogs to humans and that greyhounds or the industry are somehow responsible for the outbreak. It is possible, he said, that this virus was circulating undetected in the pet dog population for some time and only became recognized when it caused problems in the greyhounds, since even a mild respiratory disease is of special concern in a canine athlete.

“There has never been a single recorded instance where the disease was transmitted from a horse to a human,” he noted, “so it is irresponsible in the extreme to suggest that this should be a cause for concern among the general public or pet dog owners.”

Fenwick advised industry members to take several steps to prevent the spread of any contagious diseases among greyhounds, including prompt consultation with qualified veterinarians, the use of appropriate antibiotics, more frequent checking and observation of dogs, extra cleaning and sanitation measures, and isolation of ill dogs away from healthy animals.


I do hope this helps answer some questions and if you have any others please call into the show on Friday to discuss them with Dr Fenwick..

Until next time, Hug Those Hounds!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dogs Everywhere!!!

Things have continued to be quite busy lately. We recently received 6 hounds from Tallahassee and there are only two left to place in their homes. And we have 3 coming in from Melbourne on October 1st as well. Sometimes I think I am seeing double with all these dogs running around... But its so wonderful to see them in their new homes. All of the tracks are reporting heavy numbers of available hounds and of course we need more homes that can provide a home for a hound that is not cat safe. If you can provide one, please let us know because these hounds are often overlooked at the track.

I have also been participating weekly as a host on the Internet Radio Show, "Greyhounds Make Great Pets". You can log in Friday's at 2 pm to listen at Or visit the Greyhounds Make Great Pets website for the archives of past shows. If there is a topic that you would love to have us discuss, email me and let me know as we are always looking for new ideas.

October 16th is our Fall Picnic. We are looking forward to seeing our friends and hounds as always. GPA Richmond will be providing Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with members providing dessert and side dishes. We also have various activities planned and even Vendors with lots of Greyhound Merchandise. I will explain more about the events as the date gets nearer.. Please consider joining us and be sure to email us if you are attending so we will have enough food.

Now is a great time to let a Greyhound Race into your heart and home. All you have to do is call!!

Until next time, please hug those hounds!!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September 6 2005

Its been one month since my first blog and I apologize for not adding to this more often. This past weekend, we attended the National Greyhound Adoption Conference in Tampa Florida. What an informative and fun weekend. We were able to listen to some very infomative speakers, visit the tracks and watch a few races and even bring home an award.. Yes.. Thats right... GPA National had asked their chapters to update their websites and submit the new sites for a contest and our site won!!!! I have to congratulate Caroline who is our webdesigner for her hard work in getting the site up and running in time for us to enter the contest as well as putting together a fantastic site. Our Prize is a round trip airfare to our next conference.Our Senior Brood Mom Rosie has been adopted and is enjoying her new life in her forever home. We have also placed several new hounds and have a couple in foster care. Right now we have Flying Artist as well as Argus. We also have hounds coming in hopefully this coming weekend as well as at the end of the month. With the fuel costs as they are, haulers are being more cautious about making partial runs and need to have full carriers when they make a trip.We have also received word of three tracks closing for the season this fall. That will mean an additional 1000 dogs that will need to be placed. Right now every facility is flooded with hounds and of course we will need to help even more.During our Conference this past weekend, we held a special auction and took up a collection to help the hounds and adopters who have been devistated by this most recent storm. Through the generosity of so many, this fund grew quickly to around 4000 bucks to help out those in need.. There will be directions on GPA Nationals website where you can give towards this fund..Until next time, be sure to hug your hounds..Gil