Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Big Day for Richmond GPA!

Today was a very busy day for our GPA Richmond volunteers, as we hosted a Meet and Greet and welcomed 7 new dogs to Richmond!

First up... our second Meet & Greet at Ukrop's. This time we visited their Harbour Pointe location and we met so many wonderful people. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to ask about the hounds!

Meanwhile, on the other side of town... Another group of GPA Richmond volunteers helped to bathe and work adoptions for 7 newly retired dogs!

Now, please help us welcome the newest members of our GPA Richmond family!
FS Ghostly Spook

KF God Bless Me

M's Sweet Baxter

Tapmar Dazzle

Hazy Martini

JG Climatic

Kiowa Ambitions

If you'd like to join us at a future event, please check out our events page. For information about greyhounds available for adoption, please email us at

Thank you visitors and volunteers!

Monday, July 14, 2008

What have GPA volunteers been up too?

It has been a busy summer for GPA volunteers.
On July 12th, over 20 hounds paraded around Stony Point Fashion Park for our monthly walk! It was a sight to be seen!
The Shaunessey's debut their newest addition..BlackJack the greyhound puppy!
Diego gets a handler more his size!
Pictures of all the greyhounds!On Sunday, July 13th GPA had the monthly board meeting. All volunteers are welcome to attend any of these meetings! GPA is only as strong as it's members!! The Board of Directors for 2007/2008 were Mark Lane (president), Brian Shaunnessy (VP), Deborah Messersmith (Secretary), Gil Caldwell (Treasurer), Nerice Lochansky (events), Katrina Stumpf (fosters), Julie Shingleton (volunteers) and Tom McDonald.
During this meeting, we cleaned out the storage shed and added more shelves!
Look what the cat dragged in..Merchandise got organized and counted dinner was servedAnd finally..down to business. We are having our annual membership meeting on September 28th at Iron Bridge Park. All past members will be receiving a renewal form in the mail shortly! Please fill it out and renew your membership (you will get cool stuff for renewing!). Then attend the meeting on Sept. 28th and help elect in next year's Board of Directors and voice any concerns/issues/suggestions you may have! There will also be a silent auction!
Please check the events page for more information!
The next haul of retired racers will be arriving THIS weekend!! Stay tuned for photos from this event!
As always..fill out an application if you are interested in adoption or contact or for information on new or existing dogs for adoption!