Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dog Haul September 1st

The volunteers of GPA-Richmond pulled off a wonderful haul of 15 beautiful hounds on September 1st. THey all came from Jefferson County Kennel Club (JCKC). The hauler arrived very early on Saturday morning
And the dogs started filing out after a long journey from Florida.
Then the dogs line up and get a CapStar for flea treatments
Jenny and Brian Alfano admittedly had their hands in every greyhounds mouth on this morning!
Here are a few pictures of the new arrivals waiting to be loaded up in volunteer's vehicles What a beautiful blue brindle!Then a short trip to Critter Town Bath House for the necessary grooming and pedicures. Critter Town is a wonderful location for this and we definitely thank the owner for allowing the greyhounds to invade his business!
The hounds arrive!!! Many anxious adopters await their new hounds!
They wait in line patiently for their turn. Every chips in to clean ears, clip nails, give out ID tags, fill out adoption paperwork, bathe dogs, etc.
Every tub is filled for about 2 hours of washing. The dogs definitely appreciated it
even though it doesn't look like it! Amanda and Katrina help Southern Loving (AVAILABLE) gets rid of all her dirt and starts to smell like baby powder!
Where's My Spice patiently waits in line for her turn
We even attracted a camera guy from NBC12 even though the piece got trumped by more pressing news from the weekend..it was still neat!
We still have hounds available in the foster program. Many of the 15 were adopted that day but not all! Visit the petfinder site to see all the great hounds GPA has available. And as always if you don't see anything you like, email gpa@greyhoundsvirginia.com.

Here is Hevener's Apollo who is available for adoption. He is a sweet, goofy boy with a huge heart! And he is a beautiful blue fawn!
Southern Loving is also available. She is a very sweet and quiet girl who loves to give kisses!
RNC Dottie (available) has a lot of energy and a lot of love to give!
We also have Whytell Ditty a sweet brindle female available for adoption! And last but certainly not least is Steve's Friend J who is waiting for his perfect home!
Check the adoptable dog list often
And don't forget to check GPA-Richmond's upcoming events!
*Pictures courtesy of Amanda Hatcher, Nerice Lochansky and Katrina Stumpf


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