Thursday, November 10, 2005

Who Let the Dogs Out??

Today was a very unusual day for us to receive dogs but since the haulers were heading north and we had our orders in, they arrived on a weekday. Arriving this morning about 9:30 were 6 beautiful hounds. They were ready to get off of the hauler right away. After walking them, we loaded them in the van and headed home to bathe & feed them and then get them settled in for the day. Two went home to their new adoptive homes to meet an existing greyhound waiting for them there. Another will go home tonight and two will go on Friday... As always it was wonderful working together with volunteers and members of our organization to find these dogs great homes.. And to our new adoptive families, welcome!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Recently we keep hearing more and more negative press on all sorts of things and Greyhounds as well as GPA has had their share. I recently received the following email from National President Rory Goree and he had asked us to post on our websites which I am doing through here. Lets all try hard to keep things positive and look for good in the placement of the hounds that our group places. I don't want our chapter to be involved in this type of continuous bashing.

On a Positive note, this week, we are receiving 6 hounds that will be going into new homes and we are working on applications for a haul that takes place the first weekend in December.

And now a word from our National President.


I have received dozens of e-mails over the past few weeks from many of the 10,000 dedicated GPA volunteers all over the country who are upset and angry over recent statements made by Ms. Paulsen of Greyhound Companions of New Mexico. Instead of working constructively alongside GPA to ensure that the greyhounds sent to Juarez are placed in loving U.S. homes when they retire, Ms. Paulsen has chosen to attack the GPA effort and personally vilify me and other GPA volunteers. This has outraged and offended not only our members, but also many other moderate adoption advocates.

Why has Ms. Paulsen decided to turn her back on the Juarez greyhounds? Apparently she and her organization no longer share the goals of GPA and the mainstream adoption community. Unbelievably, it appears that their new mission is to STOP GPA from working cooperatively with the Juarez track for the benefit of the greyhounds there. Greyhound Companions of New Mexico has now officially joined the handful of extreme organizations whose primary focus is not the welfare of greyhounds, but full-scale war with the greyhound racing and moderate adoption community. And Ms. Paulsen has resorted to deliberate lies and distortions as her weapons of choice in this pointless war. A case in point, Ms. Paulsen has used a person who was disciplined by GPA for alleged animal abuse as her character witness against GPA.

Recently Ms. Paulsen has changed her tune. She was stating we (GPA) would be sending dogs to Juarez. Now she is saying that by finding homes for the Juarez greyhounds we are endorsing greyhound racing. Ms. Paulsen - you have been adopting greyhounds for years so I guess you endorse greyhound racing.

We've set the record straight on many occasions, both on our website and in personal communications with many of you. For a full statement of the GPA position on Juarez, please feel free to visit our website, But our position isn't even the issue.

The real issue is that reasonable people ought to be able to disagree without engaging in vicious and malicious campaigns of "personal destruction." My friends and I believe it's time to speak out for greyhound welfare, not warfare. Let's set political issues and personal grudges aside, and get back to putting the greyhounds first.

We urge you to contact Judy Paulsen at, and ask her to stop her terrible attacks against GPA and the adoption volunteers trying to do the right thing for the Juarez dogs. When you send your message, please forward a copy to us at

And remember-when we abuse the people who love greyhounds, speak honestly, will not put greyhounds at risk to further their own cause and work tirelessly on their behalf, it does as much harm as if we were abusing the dogs themselves.

Rory S. Goree'President - Greyhound Pets of America – The Greyhound Retirement Specialists