Monday, August 08, 2005

GPA - Richmond

GPA - Richmond

I am so happy to share the news of our New Website.. Thanks to our friend Caroline who did all of the design work!!!

This Blog feature will allow us to keep the site up to date and announce special things that are happening to our group and in the Greyhound world.. Please check here often for the latest and greatest news.

This coming weekend we will receive two special hounds from Melbourne Florida who will be going into a home together. One of these sisters, is blind in one eye but still gets around as if nothing was wrong. Their adoptive family is very excited to get them home.

We are trying to have shipments coming in on a two week basis and have several hounds in our foster homes at this time.. Please take a moment and consider providing a forever home for Rosie. Our senior Brood mom that we brought in last week.. She is 11.5yrs old but very spry and adjusting to home life very well. She takes short walks daily with her foster mom and has been picking up the habits of her foster sister. Providing a forever home for a senior like this, is an experience you will never forget.. Even at that age, they will race right into your heart..

Please feel free to email us anytime for more information or if you have comments..

Gil Caldwell, President, GPA/Richmond