Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring Picnic 2008

After a lot of planning and hard work by many dedicated volunteers, GPA-Richmond pulled off its annual Spring Picnic at the home of Chip and Deanne Morris in Aylett! We had 100 plus attendees with more than 50 dogs, vendors, information tables and great food! For those that came out..THANK YOU and for those that missed it..make plans to attend next year!
Here are some photos from this great event!
Some of GPA's board members help set up early on Sunday morning
Photos from the event

The fun run area was a hit!
Everyone got involved in the games!At the end of the day, we had a Bell Ceremony for all our canine companions that had left us this past year. The Morris' had their family pet cemetary that made a great location for such a solemn event. At the end of the day..everyone with 2 and 4 legs was exhausted. A greyt time was had by all
The Board of Directors for GPA-Richmond sends out a Big Thank You to all the volunteers that helped make this event a huge success. And Thank you to all our adopters for giving a greyhound a forever home!
Please check out the post below for all our available hounds. We have many events coming up this month, so come out and help spread the word about our wonderful greyhounds!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

May 3rd haul

GPA-Richmond received 7 dogs on May 3rd, 2008. As usual we gathered at Crittertown Bath house to bathe the new hounds.
The hounds arrive and get a quick meal

Then in to the tub! Frank..well..does a thorough job.
Matt meets his new little girl!
This one saved a few crumbs for later
The Arrighi's adopted Flying Unbridled as their first greyhound! Matt Richardson adopted Jello Shot Dot as his first greyhound! She is a beauty!Flying Incubus will be going to a home with another greyhound! She is such a lover!And we have four in foster care.
Launch Torpedo a 2 year old brindle female who is safe with kitties!Odd Hunter is a 4 year old male who is very sweet but shouldn't be in a home with cats.

SS Rio Eightball has the best ears!! He is a 3 year old male who is cat safe and is a big boy!Alkay Olbie is a 2 year old female who is cat safe and gorgeous!! GPA-Richmond still has a few fosters remaining from other hauls who are looking for their forever homes!!!
Sawyer ( Kite Rider) is a 3 year old boy who is a big time lover! He is very calm, housetrained and sweet as pie! He is not cat safe but does fine with small dogs. His foster family says he is a joy to have around and will make someone a great dog! Ernest (C Pie Face) was returned after a year in a home. He needs some work with the 'rules of the house' but he is a sweet boy who is cat safe and small dog safe. Knockout Rose is a 2 year old cat safe female. She is very loyal and has become very attached to her foster mom. She would do fine as an only dog but gets along great with others. She is very sweet and loving.Pa's Zeus is a 4 year old male who is very loving and sweet. He is 100% house trained and loves playing with his foster family. He should not be around small dogs or cats. Please check out our events page to come see any of these wonderful hounds or email or for more information.
Our annual spring picnic is May 4th, so check back in a week or so for more photos from this great event!